Hey friend! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet 🙂

If we met in person, I’d probably suggest a small coffee shop to talk over lattes and fresh scones. I would hope that as we become friends, we’d be able to lay our thoughts on the table and dig into God’s Word together. I would want to listen to the questions and aches you have to share, and laugh with you as God does His crazy-amazing thing in your life.

But, I can’t sit down and have a 2-hour conversation with every believer I meet. I can’t encourage you face-to-face. So, I did the next best thing: started this blog.

My prayer is that this blog gives you a place to refuel and be inspired in your faith. I hope to encourage you to embrace God’s grace and root your life in the simple gospel. To look past the confusion and lies the world throws at you, to His truth. I hope that, together, we’ll navigate the pains and stresses life throws at us, and put our confidence in Jesus.

Here you’ll find Bible study tips, book recommendations, encouragement letters, and most of all, authenticity. I hope you’ll stick around as I share what I’m learning with you. 🙂

Note: this blog was previously “finer confidence” and transition is still in progress. 

I’m a flawed follower of Jesus learning to trust His grace and love Him with every fiber of my being.

My life consists of deep conversations, laughter, hugs, and coffee sloshed into my favorite yellow mug. 🙂

If you were to walk into my house (preferable after knocking 😉 ), you’d probably find me scribbling in my planner (which I follow 2% of the time), teaching piano, or writing…Oh, or FaceTiming one of my many siblings and their kids. 😉

I hope we can get to know each other a little better! Stick around a bit?