5 Ways to Stay Immersed in God’s Word (even when you’re busy!)

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I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but over the past couple months, I’ve been craving Bible study…like, all the time. I’ve just been so overwhelmed by the depths of God’s Word and all there is to learn from it, and I’ve had a jolly time exploring so many different books! But here’s the thing: My life is crazy-busy, and unfortunately, I can’t spend 3+ hours reading my Bible every day.

So, I’ve been figuring out how I can still immerse myself in God’s truth and juggle a busy schedule. So far, I’ve found 5 ways to do that, and I want to share those with you! Here we go…

1) Set aside time to study God’s Word every day 

Whether it’s a half hour in the morning, an hour at night, or whatever…Just set aside a time with God that you’ll keep. This is the quiet time you can use to fuel your day. A time to really dig in, working through tough chapters, and soaking in the sweet ones. Regular quiet time with God is a vital part of being a believer. ❤

2) Make verse cards 

Sometimes I like keeping index cards with me while I study my Bible. This way, I can write down special verses and keep them with me wherever I go!
You could even paint, color, or hand-letter some verse cards! (my fave thing to do;))

Verse cards go just about anywhere, which is great. A few places you could put them are…

  • In your purse (this is a great place because you can look at them if you ever get stuck in a waiting room somewhere, and you could use them as tracts! Why not make some with gospel verses on them to give people? I’m going to do this soon. 🙂
  • On your mirror 
  • By your bed 
  • In a frame 
  • On a cork board 
  • In your prayer closet (if you have one)
  • In your Bible 
  • In your school folders (need some extra inspiration in those hard classes? Bam.)
3) Memorize verses (or even whole chapters!) 

I’ll be honest: I’ve always had a hard time motivating myself to memorize. But, as long as I have accountability, I can do it, and it’s always so encouraging to be able to pull a verse out of my noggin when I need it!

–> One of my friends and I are memorizing Romans 8 together, and it’s the best. Memorizing a whole chapter isn’t as hard as I thought! (in fact, it’s almost easier.)

4) Listen to audio Bibles 

The Dramatized Bible from Bible Gateway is my favorite. It’s available in the KJV and NIV, and it really brings the Bible to life! Using different voices, sound effects, and music, this audio Bible has helped me see passages in a whole new light. ❤

You can listen on the go, while you cook, clean, or even to fall asleep!

5) Use wallpapers with Bible verses on your phone

My favorite entrepreneur/Instagram friend, Hannah Everly, recommended this, and I think it’s such a fun little way to infuse truth into your day! This way you always have some encouragement waiting for you when you look at your phone. 🙂

–> Psssst! I’m sending out 10 free Bible verse wallpapers to the email list this month! Sign up to grab yours while you can!

That’s it! 

Some of these things I do more than others, but they’ve all helped me in special ways, and I hope some of these methods work for you too!

Do you have anything to add? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

-Abigail Tovah

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Immersed in God’s Word (even when you’re busy!)

  1. Excellent ideas, Abigail. I actually could memorize certain scriptures, but I might get back into it.

    On the idea of verse cards, I think it’s a great idea; where you can even give them to family for encouragement.


  2. I have wanted to memorize an entire chapter of the Bible but have honestly been so terrified of it. But I definitely think that I might pick on and start trying!


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