19 Habits that Will Save Your Life in School

Hey friends! I thought another lovely post about school would be the first thing you want to read today (not), so here I am! 😉  Seriously though, I’m really excited about today’s post.

If you’re like me, you care a little bit about your GPA…and you want to get as much as you can out of your education. So, I asked 10 friends and siblings for their advice for school, and they flooded my inboxes with the best reminders! I admire each of these people so much, and I hope you’re able to reap something helpful from their words.  Whether you’re in high school or college, I’m sure you’ll find a little nugget here that you can use. 🙂

8 students' tips to help you succeed in school (8).png

For class:

1) “Take notes in class.

Lectures are boring, and power-point slides are ugly (well at least most of the time). Don’t freak out about writing everything you see on the screen. Listen to the professor and jot down the essence of what he or she is saying. They are there to teach, not just to display a power point for you to copy on paper.” -Nate (college junior)

2) “Get to class early….

…and start studying a few days before a test so you don’t cram.” -Kristin (last-year college student)

3) “Figure out how your teacher tests in each class…

…and tailor your studying to that teacher.”  -Esther (college grad)

Time management:

4) “School work comes before social activities.

Recognize your weaknesses when it comes to work ethic and try to overcome them because they will only make your workload heavier.” -Sam (college freshman)

5) “No matter how busy you are, you always have free time.

Use it wisely.” -Nolan (college junior)

6) “Make a schedule and keep to it.

My best semester at college wasn’t just head in the books, although I made plenty of time for that. I made time for working out, hanging out with friends, as well as time for God.” -David (college sophomore)

7) “Always try really hard to turn everything in on time.

Missed assignments or late assignments pull your grade down.” -Esther

Workload management:

7) “Set daily goals for yourself.

Such as: 3 chapters of that annoying reading assignment before 5 o’clock. Small achievements everyday make the entire amount not so bad.” -Nate

8) “Push yourself to do stuff right away.

That way, you can relieve so much stress because you don’t have to scramble to get assignments done last-minute.” (i.e. Stop procrastinating ;)) -Rachel (college sophomore)

9) “Write down everything.

It’s easy to think, ‘Oh, I’ll remember this.’ You won’t. Write it down.” -Esther


Health and relaxation:

10) “Coffee is a good relaxer….

….Get good sleep, always though. Payer helps a lot, too. -Emily (high school senior)

11) “Eat right. It’s important.

Two eggs and a banana. That makes a great start to your day. If you are limited to cafeteria food, choose the good stuff, even though there is almost always more bad stuff available.” -Nate

12) If you’re into essential oils, lavender is a great soother!

Taking mini breaks to stretch or even doodling on paper clears my mind as well.” -Emily

13) “Move.

Get outside on those beautiful days and jog a little bit. Or just walk if jogging isn’t your thing.” -NateFree time:

14) “Don’t be afraid to try something new…

….especially if it’s completely out of your comfort zone. When we are stretched to our limits we grow the most.” -Nolan

15)  “Keep your mind active with creative and inspiring things.

Netflix is great. Really great. But it will suck away your time. If you are finished with homework, have a friend over and do something creative.” -Nate

16) “It’s okay to not be friends with the whole campus.

Find your group of friends and invest in them. They will be those life-long friends everyone talks about.” -Esther

Smart living:

17) “Save your pennies.

Every single one of them counts. Limit the amount of times you eat out. Take advantage of ways to save money (thrifting, student discounts, using coupons).” -Nate

18) “Use amazon for buying text books.

Most of the time you will find much cheaper options.” -Nate

19) “You go to college (school) to be taught how to learn. 

Learn how to learn.” -Kenan (last-year college student)

To sum it up…

Embrace every opportunity you have to learn. Education is such a valuable privilege. Even if you don’t like a class, look for one thing that you can enjoy in it, and make the most of that concept. Make a point to enjoy these school years, because they’re shaping your future. In class or out of class, there’s always a new chance to grow and be stretched!

That’s it!

I don’t know about you, but my brain is on overdrive after reading all those tips. Ha!  Why not grab a pen and write down some of the tips that stuck out to you? Which of these habits do you need to develop?

I hope this post was helpful to you! If you want more tips or encouragement for your school year, just hop over to the archives page and there’s a whole list of posts for you to check out. 🙂

P.S. Shout-out to my brother Nate who packed a boatload of help into one text (some I couldn’t even fit into this post!). He’s the bomb.com.


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