6+ Tips to Stay Motivated as a Homeschooled Student

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s these…

  • I love being distracted. Truly, if getting distracted was a job, I’d be rolling in the dough. But…
  • I also love school. And, I’m home-schooled. 

Yeah. Not the greatest combination. Can you relate?

5 tips to stay motivated as a (2)

If you’re homeschooled like I am, you probably know the struggle to stay focused and get stuff done. But, as I’ve taken on more responsibility (a job, college classes, senior recital prep…), I’ve been able to experiment and find ways that keep me motivated and get the job done. 

Don’t get me wrong: I still get distracted with writing and crafts and music and…everything. But I’ve learned to meet deadlines and get (mostly) good grades, and I wanna share my best tips for making that happen yourself 🙂

1) Go to bed early and get up early 

Not gonna lie: I stink at this 83% of the time. But seriously ya’ll. This is SO important if you want to get stuff done. Going to bed late is a sure-fire way to have a lazy, unproductive morning. And the more you sleep in, the more tired and groggy you’ll get. (voice of experience. cough)

Being responsible with your sleep schedule will set the tone for everything else you do. 

I try to go to bed between 10:30  and 11, and I generally get up around 6:45 or 7:15. 8, on my irresponsible days. 😉

2) Start your day with Jesus 

Morning devotions is my favorite way to kick-off the day. ❤ Filling up on Scripture and carrying all my worries to Jesus just refreshes me in a way that nothing else can.

Even if you only have time for a couple verses, do what you can to store up some spiritual energy for the day.

His mercies are new EVERY morning, friend. Let Him have the first part of your day and I promise everything will be brighter. 🙂

3) Ditch the PJ’s 

But wearing PJ’s all day is the biggest perk to being home-schooled! Right? 

Friend, I love my pajamas just as much as the next guy. But I’m convinced there’s a psychological connection between wearing pajamas and slacking in school. The two things just don’t blend.
When I get some jeans (or at least sweatpants) and a nice shirt on and brush my hair, I feel so much more motivated to get stuff done.

Bonus tip: Slapping on some mascara and pulling shoes on just adds to the wonders. 

If you went to public school, you’d have to wear real clothes. Why not do it at home?

Note: If you know of a miraculous way to be cozy and lazy in PJ’s and still get loads of homework done, hmu. 

4) Leave your phone in another room while you work 

This is something I really need to keep working on.

It’s crazy how much time we can waste when we let social media and texting distract us. Instead of scrolling our phone and falling behind on priorities, why don’t we be intentional together ditch our phones during school hours? Then we can reward ourselves with screen-time later! 😉

5) Use a planner 

I didn’t start using a planner until my senior year (this past fall), and it. saves. my. life. Not only does it save my brain from turning to noodles, but it gives me a better idea of how much I need to do each day.

Go get yourself a planner, write down all your homework assignments/deadlines, and set goals to get those things done each day! Checklists are great too.

6) Set timers and take frequent breaks

These habits are what keep me sane.

Pace yourself. Set timers to get your homework assignments done (or at least started), take breaks to do a quick workout, eat a healthy snack, or just talk to your family a little bit. And don’t spend too much time on each class or your brain will fry.

That’s about all I have!

Above all these things, I want to encourage you to just get in the spirit of learning. Even in classes you don’t like, train yourself to look for ONE thing that interests you. Try to learn ONE new thing every day and make the most of every learning opportunity–even if it’s hard. This has transformed the way I go about my school, and it has made learning so much fun. Remember that school is equipping you for the future. Embrace it. Become as well-rounded as you can.

Education is a  huge blessing that many people don’t get to experience. Let’s make the most of it. 

Here are a few more quick tips to add to the books: 

  • Eat nutritious breakfasts
  • Listen to classical or jazz music while you work (brain stimulants)
  • Use white noise to block out distracting sounds in the house (if you don’t have a noise-maker, YouTube has white noise effects!)
  • Stay proactive in your classes & reading. I am a really slow reader and get bored quickly, so I like to highlight and take notes while I read.
  • Set early deadlines and reward yourself when you meet them
  • Stand up while watching classes, reading or doing homework. (I know, weird. But seriously, it works)
  • Coffee.

I hope some of these things are helpful to you! Go get stuff done!

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7 thoughts on “6+ Tips to Stay Motivated as a Homeschooled Student

  1. Jesus time, planners, and coffee—yessss! Just replace that coffee with tea sometimes and that’s my day. Seriously though, this post is so applicable to any homeschooler! I think I’m gonna share it in my writing community 😛


  2. Jesus time, planners, and coffee—yessss! Just replace that coffee with tea sometimes and that’s my day. Seriously though, this post is so applicable to any homeschooler! I think I’m gonna share it in my writing community 😛


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