To the Girl Who Can’t Wait to Have a Boyfriend

Hi friends!

I’m interrupting my posting schedule to share something my sweet friend, Rissa wrote. When she posted this on her blog, I asked if she’s let me use it for a guest post here. She was more than happy to share her thoughts on my blog, and I hope you’re able to glean something from this short, sweet chunk of wisdom. Let’s jump in…

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Wait for it…

Have you ever noticed how time seems to change speeds? When you’re grocery shopping, one hour feels like three. When you’re hanging out with friends, three hours feels like one. When there’s an event that you’re super excited about, and you have to wait for it, the hours drag on and feel like days.

I was recently talking to one of my close friends about how often people have to wait. We wait in line at Starbucks and Walmart; we wait to get our grades back on the tests we take; we wait all year for our favorite season to come around; and we wait for all the “somedays”.

In my small circle of girl friends, I’ve realized that the most common “someday” is a boyfriend. It doesn’t take very long for a group of girls to start discussing their dream guys. Some of us don’t really have any specific qualifications, but then there are others who have a three-page list, front-and-back, and in alphabetical order.

So many girls spend their time waiting for a guy to fall in love with them. The instant they start crushing on a guy, they compare him to the list they keep in their heads. In some cases, girls change little by little, hoping a guy will notice them. They involve a few friends and create all kinds of unnecessary drama. They put more effort into having the right appearance than they put into having the right heart.

This is such a waste of time.  Don’t just sit around waiting for Prince Charming to waltz in and sweep you off your feet. Do something. Take this season of your life and use it as an opportunity to grow in your faith. God has an amazing plan for each of our lives. He knows exactly who you’re going to marry, and when. If you don’t have a boyfriend right now, or if your crush doesn’t like you back, let it go. Chase God instead of guys. Shift your focus; instead of finding “the one”, be “the one”.

Be the girl who is patient, kind, selfless, loyal, and strong. Most importantly, be the one who follows Christ.

-Sincerely, Rissa


While God created us for partnership, He also created us as individuals, and gave us the gift of singleness so we can serve Him and get to know Him better without the distraction of a boyfriend or husband. Before we dive into any relationship, we need to make sure we’re diving into our relationship with Jesus and loving HIM with everything we have–and that’s a lot easier said than done. 

Friend, life isn’t about finding a boyfriend; it’s not about seeing who likes who or planning your future wedding. It’s about making the most of TODAY because we aren’t promised tomorrow (I’m preaching to myself here too 😉 ).

So, what will you do with TODAY? Will you work on being “the one”? 

I’d love to know…
  • Did you enjoy this guest post? If so, leave a quick note for Rissa, and click here to see her own blog!
  • Do you need to work on your focus? 
  • How will you start making the most of each day? 
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Thanks for stopping by! Keep checking back for new posts–I might add something on another off day so look out 😉



6 thoughts on “To the Girl Who Can’t Wait to Have a Boyfriend

  1. Glory to God. I totally agree with everything you said. I love the title, “To the Girl Who Can’t Wait to have a Boyfriend.” I am single and a reverend learning to embrace my singleness. Spending time around my friends and family, they always searching for someone. They don’t want to wait.
    Keep writing and reaching out to girls.

    Many Blessings,


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