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3 Things to Remember When Writing to Your Future Husband

If you enjoyed the “Future Husband” posts I wrote last year, then today’s post is right up your alley! The following  tips are the key to keeping your mind focused and hope-filled as you write letters to your future husband.

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A few years ago, I was driving with my brother and his wife on a Sunday afternoon, when we started re-hashing their recent wedding. Brittney told me about the wedding gift she gave Kenan, and I instantly fell in love with the idea. During her single years, Brittney kept a journal with letters and prayers for her future husband (you can read more of that story here). She explained to me how it works, and a few days later, I purchased a leather journal for my own little “project”.

I’ve had my “Husband Journal” for four years now, and it’s been such a special tool in this season. I’ve written a few posts on this subject already, so when Kara asked me to do a Husband Journal post for her blog, I started racking my brain for new ideas. Brittney was my go-to person for ideas, and we came up with three things a single girl should remember when writing to her future husband.

Read the full post at Joy Because Grace. 


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