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20 Ways to Break Out of a Rut

Spring time always makes me giddy. Budding flowers, bees, endless sunshine and blue skies…it’s like a season of constant happiness. With all the change this season offers, I’m inspired to weed out the dead stuff in my life to let new things grow (excuse the pun).

If you’re like me, your new year goals are fading, and you’re stuck in the same grind. Every. Single. Day. You’ve lost sight of the exciting changes you planned for the new year, and your days just melt together with little inspiration. At the start of 2017, I was pouncing all over my goals and had my life securely intact! That lasted until… oh, maybe February 😉 But lately, I’ve fallen into a rut–physically and spiritually. And it’s no fun. So, today I want to share some ways I’ve come up with to hit the restart button in your life. Let’s uproot the old stuff and start over together. 🙂

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First, here are ways to refresh your day-to-day routine:

  • Rearrange and organize your room

My favorite solution! Rearranging always gives me a feeling of newness, and deep-cleaning is so refreshing. A lot of Windex, paper towel, and wipes were involved in my cleaning process. 😉 Essentials.

  • Clean out your desk/dresser drawers, closet, and bags

This goes along with organizing your room. I’ve sorted through my vanity and re-organized my hair and makeup drawers, taking a wipe to just about every product. It’s a small change, and detailed, but I feel so good about having things clean and organized. Now for my desk and dresser! Also, it never hurts to sort out your purse, book bag, or makeup bag once in a while.

  • De-clutter your room

Throw out junk you don’t use, sort out clothes to give away or donate to a thrift store, trash old papers, etc.

  • Redecorate

Buy new photo frames or replace old pictures with new ones; paint your room, replace a piece of furniture…the options are endless!

  • Finish projects you’ve been meaning to work on 

I should probably go do that…

  • Get a planner and be intentional with your time

I find that planning how I’ll use my time produces much more productivity, and I don’t feel so useless at the end of the day. Schedule in your time with God, homework time, social media time, etc. Balance is key!

  • Set physical goals each week

Drink more water, try a new exercise routine, cut back on certain foods, etc. Just set goals!

  • Go on a social media cleanse

I just started doing this on a very small scale because I’m scared to go all-out. Ha! But seriously, this is a great thing to do if you really want time to refuel and accomplish more important things. Even if your “cleanse” just means turning off notifications or setting a time limit for yourself, I know you’ll notice a huge difference in your habits. It’s crazy how scrolling through our phones can use up our time without our realizing it! Take a step back so it doesn’t become an obsession and get in the way of other things.

  • Get a plant

A plant or two is such a happy way to spruce up your life. 🙂 (Home Depot has a great selection!)

  • Buy candles

I love candles. Nothing like burning scents mixed in with the Spring air! A couple Spring candles I have are beach and rain forest-scented. Dollar stores come in handy for those. 😉 Highly recommend.

  • Deep-clean your phone

Delete unneeded pictures, apps, old text conversations, emails, notes, etc. Oh, and changing your background is a nice little way to make your phone a happier place. 😉

  • Go for a long walk or hike

Get away for a while to take in the sunshine and smells of nature! Just being outside and getting your blood flowing will refresh your mind and inspire you to jump back into things.

For spiritual refreshment:
  • Purchase a new Bible or journal

It could be that your Bible is worn out and you need a new one, or maybe you’d like to try out another version. Either way, buying a new Bible is a special way to hit restart.

Journals are great too! Maybe your devotions journal is full…or you don’t have one at all. Splurge a little and buy yourself a nice journal for your study time!

  • “Go” on a personal retreat

I haven’t done this yet, but I definitely want to try it soon. Go on a walk, to a coffee shop, or just lock yourself in your room, and spend a few hours getting reacquainted with God and His Word.

  • Choose a new book of the Bible to read

Sometimes we work through certain passages and it becomes a drudgery. We get bored and end up skimming. It’s okay to take a break! Choose another book of the Bible to read, and come back to the other one later. Or, as I like to do, read a Proverb or Psalm every other day. Switching things up always helps me stay excited for my devotions. (Plus you can glean more from spending time in different parts of Scripture throughout the week. 🙂 )

  • Change up your quiet time locations

One reason I was starting to feel bored of my time with God was that I kept doing my quiet time in the same spot every single day. I was stuck in a rut. Time with God shouldn’t be a rut or an obligation. Try reading your Bible somewhere new! For me, changing locations has meant reading my Bible outside, or doing it on my bed after I rearranged my room. I’m enjoying my time with Jesus so much more now. 🙂 Never underestimate the power of small changes.

  • Decompress using a worry or gratefulness journal

Sometimes all we need is to purge our thoughts and surrender our worries to Jesus…then thank Him for all His blessings. Sit down and journal your feelings to Him and actively seek out blessings from each day, and keep them in a journal. I promise this will restore your soul. Read more about these journals here.

  • Go on a fast

It doesn’t have to be food, and it doesn’t have to be long. Just take a break from something that may take up too much of your time, and use that time for God instead. You could give up social media, novel reading, playing games on your phone, or even time with your friends. Just take a break.

  • Set spiritual goals each week

Whether your goal be to pray more, journal more, or finish reading a particular section of the Bible, make it your aim to accomplish that goal. This way your quiet time will be more productive, and your spiritual growth, bettered.

  • Change up your playlist

In this post, I shared some of my favorite Christian artists to listen to. Adding new music to your playlist is a fun way to get inspired! You can download that list here.

“He leads me beside still waters.He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake” (Psalm 23:2b-3, ESV).


As I’ve worked on “restarting” my life this week, I realized I can’t have physical change without spiritual change. If you’re gonna refresh your life, you gotta go all out. Physical adjustments (even if they’re small!) inspire spiritual improvements. In the same way, when you rejuvenate your spiritual life, you’ll be inspired to better your day-to-day routine.

I only started working on these things a couple days ago, and I already feel so much better! I’m excited, refreshed, and ready to tackle new goals. I hope you’ll try some of the methods mentioned here. 🙂

–>P.S. I’ve created a Pinterest board with more tips for breaking free of ruts. Click here to check it out!

That’s about it!

Did I miss anything? What are some things that help you refuel? Leave a comment to let me know!

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