10 Things I Include in My Husband Journal

After the last post (3 Reasons to Write to Your Future Husband), I thought I would give you a peek into my journal for my future husband. This isn’t everything, but I think you’ll get the idea. 🙂

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1) Prayers for him

I don’t know about you, but it makes my day when someone says they’ve been praying for me. It’s such a treasure to take brothers and sisters to the throne of grace. ❤

I want my husband to not only be affected by my prayers now, but also blessed in the future.

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2) Prayers for myself

I’m not all about that sitting-around-waiting-for-marriage life. There are so many things I should be doing now to grow, invest in others, and prepare for marriage. So, I jot down prayers for myself in this season. Prayers for direction in ministry now, for fulfillment in my relationship with God, and for a 1 Corinthians love in all my relationships.

3) Prayers for us together

My hope is that we both grow to know and love God individually, but it’s never too early to pray for us as one!

I want my marriage to be built on prayer before it even begins. In this journal, I ask God to help us create a strong foundation now, and for purity, unity, and Christlikeness in our future marriage.

4) Bible verses

I have a couple pages set aside for references that remind me to pray for him and our marriage. One page is for verses specifically for him and his spirit, and the other I use for verses on marriage and unity in the home.

5) Marriage quotes

Right now, anything marriage-related isn’t super applicable to me, but I’ve come across some really sweet quotes that I don’t wanna forget. So I stuff them in the journal too. 🙂

6) Marriage advice

Even though I’m still in college, I’ve been given so many wise pieces of advice for a healthy marriage. So, I set aside a few pages to record that advice from other couples, sermons, Christian blogs, and even a couple professors.


7) Advice for raising kids

I obviously have zero experience raising kids, but I want to learn as much as I can before that time comes! The tid-bits I record are from the Bible, or from observing/talking with godly (and experienced) parents.

This journal is like a graffitti board of ideas and wisdom I gather up 🙂

8) Letters and love notes

Ever wished you were in a relationship so you could write love notes to your significant other? Well, you don’t have to be 😉

The majority of this journal is letters and ramblings to my future husband. I tell him about significant things going on in my life, share heartaches, dreams, and any other thoughts on my mind. It’s so therapeutic to share my burdens and the lessons I’m learning before we talk face-to-face.

9) Lists

I’m one of those list-obsessed people who lives on sticky notes and scrap paper. Writing lists is a great way to remember things, so I include plenty of them in this journal. 😉

I write down ideas of places I’d like to go, things I’d like to do with him, meaningful names I’ve discovered, and a few other things.

10) Premarital vows

I want to live intentionally and not just do my own thing until I’m married. My purpose is to be fully committed to Christ, and then my husband.

God already knows who I’ll marry, and I’m committed to saving myself for him and faithfully loving him right now. Why wait until our wedding day to vow my faithfulness to him?

In this journal, I’ve written vows promising to wait for him, and to live in purity, with Jesus’ help. I plan on “renewing” my vows every year until we’re married, so I get to write some new ones pretty soon (I wrote my first vows to him last December).

This is my favorite part of the journal because it really helps me put my relationship with God and my husband into perspective, and understand the seriousness of the marriage commitment.

One last thing before you go…

Since we heard from my sister-in-law in the last post, I thought I’d close with a few thoughts from Kenan about his “Mr. Right” Journal from Brittney.

A note from Kenan…

“My favorite thing about receiving the journal the day of our wedding, was just seeing how Brittney in a way had always loved me and always been looking forward to her wedding day. It was cool to see that she had prayed for me even when she didn’t know who I was. You read those posts (entries) and realize that God is sovereignly involved in all of the details of our life.”





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