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3 Reasons to Write to Your Future Husband

Hi friends! I asked my sister-in-law to help me with today’s post, and I’m so excited for you to see what she says.

Brittney kept a journal for her future husband, and gave it to Kenan when they got married a few years ago. So, I asked her to tell you about it. 🙂

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“My “Husband Journal” was such a fun and special tool during my single days. I got the idea from a friend of mine, and I can still remember the moment I started it: the place, the smells, the weather. I loved the idea of having a place to channel my desires for my husband while I waited for him. A place to vent to, pray for, and dream of my husband.

I wrote pretty much whatever I wanted to write. I would write about my day, fun things that happened, topics I was digging into, questions I had, struggles I was facing, hopes and dreams, prayers for me, for him, for us, for our future. It was a way to feel connected to him even before I knew who he was. Like I could talk to him and have a place to express that intimacy I was longing for.

When I became friends with my now husband, the more I got to know him, the more I felt like I had known him for years. I remember specifically thinking, “You’re the one I’ve been praying for.” Having my eyes and heart set on my husband through writing that journal helped give me clarity when he was right in front of me.

Now, obviously, this isn’t a fool-proof way to determine who your spouse is. There were other guys in the years that I was keeping that journal that I hung out with and got to know. But the difference was in the peace and confidence I felt when it was “the one.”

It helped me hone in on what I desired in a husband. Not the petty things like hair color and talents, but the character qualities and love for God.

It was such a sweet moment to be able to present this journal as a gift to my husband on our wedding day. To give him all the thoughts and love I had been storing up for him through the years. He and I will look back through it at times, seeing entries when I was praying for him that coincided with times that he was really struggling or facing a difficult trial, and be overwhelmed by the sovereignty and perfect timing of God.

I treasure that journal. And I’m so thankful for the way God used it to mold me and encourage me as I served diligently in my singleness. 🙂 ”


Here are a few reasons you could start your own journal!

1) You can help and encourage him with your prayers.

Whether you know him now or not, your prayers for your future husband will lift up and strengthen him wherever he is. The Holy Spirit is our BEST Encourager, and when we ask Him to work in our future husbands, He will.

This will also encourage you both when you’re married! Just imagine how loved and blessed he will feel when he reads the prayers you wrote for him. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know–and see–that someone has been praying for you when they didn’t even know you?

2) You can connect with him before you’re together.

Like Brittney said, writing to the man you’re going to marry really does build a connection. Because she had spent time praying for and writing to my brother, it was clear to her who her husband was. She had already bonded with him. It was just a matter of putting a face—and name—to the recipient of her journal.

Funny as it seems, I feel like I already know my husband because of the years I’ve spent keeping this journal. He’s already my best friend ❤

3) It helps curb distraction with other guys.

No, I’m not saying you shouldn’t hang out with or date different guys. Experiencing different relationships is a great way to help you figure out what kind of characteristics (beyond physical appearance) you’d want to marry.

But I’ve found that the more time I spend talking to and praying for my husband, the more careful I am about letting my infatuation with other guys carry me away. I’m less prone to waste my time with someone I know couldn’t be ‘the one.’

It’s also a good place to work through disappointments. I’ve experienced a couple letdowns and a breakup, and writing down my feelings and what God taught me through it is so helpful. By doing that, I’m able to look past the hurt of now, and understand that the heartbreaks will be worth it later.

*Photo credit to John Gentry Photography*

I’m so thankful to Brittney for encouraging me to start this journal, and for her effort in helping me write this post. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!



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