Notes and Plans for Fall, 2016

It’s almost that time of year!

Time for school, stress, and abnormal caffeine  consumption 😉 For some, it’s already started.

So, I thought I’d share some of my plans for life and the blog this Fall.

notes and plans

So far, these 5 things are on my personal modus operandi… 

1) Begin dual credit courses

I’m both super thrilled and a wee nervous about this!

Excited because (a) It’ll be so helpful getting a head-start on college credits. And (b) I’ve completed all my math and science requirements for High School, so I’ll be getting cozy with my favorite subjects this Fall 😉

And nervous, because I don’t know what to expect in the workload. I’ll start out with one college credit this semester, then I’ll take on more after Christmas if everything goes well.

2) Take more Spanish classes

Last year I was a bit of a slacker in the Spanish department, so I’m dull on what I’ve learned. Still, my aim is to speak fluently someday, so I hope to lock down on vocab and conversational Spanish this year.

3) Take on another piano student and babysit one day per week 

Last year I babysat two kids, two days a week, but with this year’s work load being a little heavier, I’ve decided to cut back so I can focus on school and music.

Instead, I’ll only care for one middle-school girl, and build my piano studio up so I can invest in more teaching experience.

4) Enter a classical piano competition 

Competitions are hard work, and I have zero room for slack in practice!

Lord willing, I’ll be able to buy a small piano for our apartment (I have a grand, which currently lives at our church, but I’m not there enough to practice properly) and increase my daily practice time.

5) Crack down on editing my book

I’ve been writing a novel for about four years, and publication draws near!

That is if I ever get the thing done.

 So, I’m gonna grab up all my spare time to edit and polish with my writing teacher.


Our church is also really busy during the Fall, so I’ll be helping out however I can there. We host several missionaries for missions events in September, take a church trip to Sight and Sound Theaters in October, and in November is the church’s 129th anniversary celebration.


So, that being said, this school semester is looking a little crazy! Thus, I’ll have to cut back on the blog a bit.

As much as I’d like to keep posting every week (even though I’ve stunk pretty bad at that lately 😉 ), posts should be expected every other Thursday, come September.

The email goodies I promised to start in September will be delivered on the last Saturday of every month. So if you’re interested in those, do take a few seconds to subscribe and be added to the list!

Also, I’ve gotten my hands on some fabulous reading material this summer, and I’m pumped to share it all with you! Book reviews will show up in surprise posts (not the regular Thursday shcedule), so watch out for those 😉

Lastly, DON’T FORGET: if we can reach 100 email subscribers on the blog, I’ll host a special giveaway to all my readers! Don’t miss out on a post, or the goodies to come 🙂 If you’re on your phone or tablet, the subscribe button is at the bottom of the screen. If you’re on a laptop or desktop, you can find it on the right 🙂

And there you have it!
Do you have any special plans this Fall? I’d love to hear them!

Do you start or finish High School? College? Maybe a new job?

Let’s chat in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “Notes and Plans for Fall, 2016

  1. Love this! I am a Junior in high school, and am so busy! I hope to take dual credit classes in my senior year… I am excited for them!
    One a side note, I had a blog for a little while, but I felt like I wasn’t posting often enough. I really wish I hadn’t deleted it, and just posted when I could! Don’t stress about not posting every week. 🙂


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