All These Seasons

It’s finally Spring! Pollen is triggering allergies, the sun is out, and it is prime time for iced tea 🙂

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons and as each dreary winter passes, my appreciation for warm weather increases 😉

With the physical change of season upon us, I’ve decided to dig into a series about the seasons of life. Let’s look at Ecclesiastes 3:1 to get started 🙂

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” (NKJV)…

all these.jpg

Many of us are familiar with Ecclesiastes 3: the passage that speaks of just about every time in life imaginable. The passage that emphasizes the involvement and intervention of God in every season.

…The passage that says “He has made all things beautiful in its time” (verse 11).

Ah, that verse. A line of poetry packed with conviction 😉 We paste it everywhere–on social media, bedroom walls, in wall decor…But are we really open to its message?

We as Christians know life runs on God’s clock. Our timing is not always His timing. Yet we struggle to truly “let go and let God” in all situations.

I personally struggle with waiting. Once I get an idea in my head, I want things to happen now. My mind is often ten years in the future and not in the here-and-now. I’m sure some of you can relate 😉

But, just like I can’t go outside in the middle of Winter and demand the season change to Spring, I can’t  control the placement of seasons in my life. Can’t ask God to make life go faster. I have no control because He is the master of time and seasons.

The time for Winter is not the time for Spring. Nor is the time for Summer a time for Fall. And, as much as we think we’d rather be in one happy, unchanging season, let’s face it: we’d get pretty bored and grumpy if God didn’t allow variation. He knows what’s best for us, and knows exactly when our hearts and minds are ready—and willing—for change.

We must…
  1. Learn to accept all “weather” and trust God to carry us through it.
  2. Commit to let go of “me” desires and let God have His way.
  3. Learn to embrace the seasons He gives.


In this series, I’m not going to go through Ecclesiastes 3 verse by verse–but I will cover practical ways to apply some of the concepts. Ways to embrace every fleeting season.

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4 thoughts on “All These Seasons

  1. I am forever amazed by the depth of your wisdom, sweet girl. That wisdom is a gift from God. Don’t rush ahead. Let him tweak and mold every part of your being. He has great plans for you. And you restore my faith in this younger generation…you and your writing cohorts from the PageMasters!


  2. Thank you Abigail for a wonderful message. I am so glad that DiAne Gates shared it with your Heart”wings” sisters. j


  3. I’m back to reading your articles…after a rough “season” of my own.
    I am liking what I’m reading so far, in your thoughts about seasons. Thank you for using your creativity…to bless others.


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